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A Utah court said no to putting together five separate Paparazzi class actions.

The court found that even though there are “common factual questions” between the two cases;

The legal questions and substantive laws that apply to each of the five cases are also different. And consolidation isn’t needed to make the court system more efficient or to meet the parties’ desire to coordinate discovery and avoid the possibility of different rulings.

The court decided that sending the five cases to Utah was enough to save time and money in the court system.

Transferring the cases filed in the District of Utah to a single district judge will accomplish these goals and avoid the problems and things that won’t work the way the parties want to combine the cases.

As a point of reference, here are the five Paparazzi class actions that are going on in Utah right now:

Hollins Complaint, which was first filed in New York; Johnson Complaint, which was first filed in North Carolina; Teske Complaint, which was filed in Utah; Burgess Complaint, which was first filed in California; and Gilbert Complaint (originally filed in Michigan)
The Utah court said that all of the proposed class actions are about “Paparazzi’s claims and the chemicals in its products.”

This is a nice way of saying that the Paparazzi is accused of selling jewelry with dangerously high amounts of toxic metals.

Even though there is clear evidence that tainted jewelry is being sold to consumers, US authorities have not done anything about it yet.

Stay tuned for more information as we keep track of the five Paparazzi class-action lawsuits.

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