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The sentencing for Glenn Arcaro’s BitConnect crime has been moved to 2022.

The DOJ is still working on “matters affecting sentencing,” according to a joint motion filed on October 6.

Also, the parties are working on issues like forfeiture and restitution, which will take more time to finish.

Arcaro’s sentencing was put off until January 7, 2022, because the court agreed with the motion on October 7.

Last month, Arcaro (on the right) admitted to the charges against him because of his work with BitConnect.

In a separate lawsuit, the SEC says that Arcaro got $24 million as the US National Promoter for BitConnect.

BitConnect was a $2 billion Ponzi scheme, the biggest criminal case the DOJ has brought against a cryptocurrency company so far.

Change on December 24, 2021 – The sentencing of Glenn Arcaro has been put off until May 2022.

Change on September 17, 2022 – Glenn Arcaro has been given a prison sentence of 38 months.

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