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The Ontario Securities Commission has put out a fraud warning about NovaTech FX securities. As the OSC warned on December 13, NovaTech FX, doing business as NovaTech LTD,

is not allowed to trade in securities in Ontario because he or she is not registered to do so.

In other places, this is the same as a warning about securities fraud.

The OSC is the third Canadian government agency to do something about NovaTech FX. Alberta and British Columbia have also sent out warnings about securities fraud.

Outside of Canada California and the Central Bank of Russia have both warned Novatech FX about securities fraud.

NovaTech FX is getting more attention from regulators at the same time that its founders, Eddy and Cynthia Petion, sold a property in Florida.

In addition to the case in California, it is thought that a federal case against NovaTech FX is in the works.

NovaTech FX promises a passive return every week. It is based in the US and most of its investors are from the US.

At the beginning of this month, Cynthia Petion said on Instagram that she was in Milan, Italy. It’s not clear if the Petitions are still in the US.

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