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Doyce Barnes, who worked for Infinity2Global, has been given four years in prison.

Barnes will be given a sentence after a jury found him guilty of mail fraud and securities fraud.

Barnes and two other defendants, Richard Maike (on the right) and Faraday Hosseinipour asked for an acquittal and a new trial after being found guilty in September. The motion was turned down before a sentence was given.

This week, Maike, the founder of Infinity2Global, was given a 10-year prison sentence. On January 5, Hosseinipour will get his sentence.

At a hearing on February 2, a decision will be made about how much Maike, Barnes, and probably Hosseinipour will have to pay back.

Dennis Dvorin and Jason Syn, the last two I2G defendants, have yet to go to trial. No date has been set, though.

In July, Dvorin and Lyn were taken out of the main I2G trial so that the court could work more quickly.

Dvorin and Lyn are likely to go to court sometime after February 2023.

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