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Chris Hattingh, Candice Donadel, Jacques Marais, Jenny Brandt, and Hercules Viljoen ran the South African gifting scam Gift of Legacy.

Gift of Legacy was a gifting scam that started in November 2021. It was a relaunch of the Kindred Hearts scam, which failed, and it also failed in July.

Instead of just stopping ripping people off and moving on, the people behind the Gift of the Legacy scam have done it twice.

The latest version, New Earth Economy Global, is an attempt to get people all over the world to join the scheme.

Color Our World Global was the name of the first new start for Gift of Legacy.

The scam ran for a short time from the domain “color our world. global,” which was registered in May 2022, when Gift of Legacy was falling apart.

The social media profiles for Color Our World Global were made in or around July 2022.

If you go to the Color Our World Global website domain today, you can see that it has been shut down.

On June 19, the domain name “new art economy. global” was registered. This was a month before Color Our World Global came out.

Color Our World Global was stopped, as far as I can tell, in or around early October.

A brand already in use, New Earth Economy Global, was used to market the gifting scheme. I don’t know why it was chosen as the company name for the third reboot.

On the website for Color Our World Global, there was a page that said the scam was run by the same people who ran Gift of Legacy.

On New Earth Economy’s website, that page is no longer there. Neither the New Earth Economy Global website nor its social media pages show any information about who runs the company.

Instead, the people who are running the scam are using a trick called “decentralization.”

This platform isn’t owned by a business or a person. It’s peer-to-peer and based on the ideas of sacred economics (meaning communities helping communities).

This is from the website of New Earth Economy Global. Just keep scrolling down and you’ll see that the decentralized trick doesn’t work.


We’re glad you’re interested. First, if you haven’t already, watch the video. Then fill out the form on this page.

Soon, someone from our admin team will get in touch with you to help you get set up. Then, your journey will begin!

Chris Hattingh, who used to promote the Mirror Trading International Ponzi scheme, is thought to be the main person who will benefit from Gift of Legacy.

In a Facebook post on December 19, Hattingh said that the scam was done by a group of admins called the “core 5”.

Being one of the “Core 5” (co-creator of GL). I’d like to thank each of you for your hard work and commitment over the past year. In 3 weeks, GL will be 1 year old

The Core 5 have worked around the clock for a year to make this beautiful program available to everyone.

New Earth Economy Global hasn’t taken off, which is bad for the “Core 5”. SimilarWeb doesn’t keep track of the company’s website because not many people visit it.

Hattingh says he’s been “a little quiet on the groups and zooms for the last two months,” and he also says that he’s now promoting an MLM for “stem cell rejuvenation patches.”

I am completely dedicated to GL and will always be a keeper of GL with the Core 5.

I’m just taking a step back and putting on my own mask. During my “time-out,” I realized that I was putting all of my hopes in one thing.

The gifting business model is another thing that isn’t on the New Earth Economy Global website.

What is known is that the cost to get in is still $100.


To get you started, a $100 gift from the heart will be given to someone special just once. That’s it!

From this, we can figure out that New Earth Economy Global uses the same tiered matrix gifting model that Gift of Legacy did.

On the regulatory side, Gift of Legacy did spread to Russia, which led the Central Bank of Russia to send out a fraud warning.

Even though Gift of Legacy is run by South Africans in South Africa for South Africans, the South African government has done nothing to stop it.

So, we still don’t know how many people Gift of Legacy has hurt and how much money they have all lost.

We’ll let you know when the inevitable collapse of New Earth Economy Global happens.

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