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On its website, Phenomenal Club says nothing about who owns or runs the company.

The “” domain for Phenomenal Club’s website was privately registered on October 13, 2020.

At the time this article was written, Phenomenal Club’s website led to the company’s Telegram bot.

Phenomenal Club says that it will soon have a “whole new website and product.”

When you go to the official YouTube channel for Phenomenal Club, you’ll find a lot of Russian marketing videos:

This makes it very likely that whoever is in charge of Phenomenal Club is based in Russia or Ukraine.

Alexa says that 64% of the people who visit the Phenomenal Club website come from Uzbekistan, 14% come from Russia, and 5% come from Ukraine.

If an MLM company isn’t clear about who owns or runs it, you should always think twice before joining or giving them any money.

Products from Phenomenal Club
Phenomenal Club has no products or services that can be sold.

Affiliates can only market the affiliate membership to Phenomenal Club.

Plan for paying people at Phenomenal Club
Affiliates of the Phenomenal Club buy one phenomenal token (PNM) position in a seventeen-level, two-by-two matrix cycler.

Note that Phenomenal Club does not share the current value of PNM that they change internally.

In a 22 matrix, an affiliate is at the top, and there are two spots right under them:

The first level of the matrix is made up of these two spots. By splitting these two positions into two more positions each, the second level of the matrix is made.

There are six spots in every 22 matrices. Commissions are paid out as the four positions on the second level are filled.

A “cycle” starts when all four positions are filled through direct and indirect recruitment of Phenomenal Club members who buy into the cycler.

In addition to getting the fourth commission payment (for filling the fourth position) and new cycler positions in lower tiers, the position at the top of the matrix also “cycles” into the next cycler tier.

Note that PNM tokens are used to pay commissions for cycler positions.

To keep things simple, I’ll just group all payments for each Phenomenal Club cycler tier into one payment (as opposed to each payment for filling one position).

With all of that in mind, here are the payouts for the seventeen tiers of Phenomenal Club’s cycler:

SP1 earns 1 PNM in cycle commissions and cycles into SP2. SP2 earns 3 PNM in cycle commissions, which creates two new SP1 positions and cycles into SP3. SP3 earns 5 PNM in cycle commissions, which creates four new SP1 positions and cycles into SP4. SP4 earns 1 PNM in cycle commissions, which creates eight new SP1 positions and cycles into SP5. SP5 earns 88.4 PNM in cycle commissions, which creates twelve new SP1

08 PNM in cycle commissions, creates two SP2, SP3, SP4, SP5, SP6, SP7, SP8 and SP9 positions, creates one SP10 position, and cycles into SP14 SP14 – 2654.

40 PNM in cycle commissions, creates eight SP2, SP3, SP4, and SP5 positions, and cycles into SP15 SP15 – 4720.

35 PNM in cycle commissions, generates 16 SP6 positions, generates 8 SP7, SP8, and SP9 positions, and cycles into SP16 SP16 – 8884 PNM in cycle commissions, generates 8 SP10 positions, generates 4 SP11 and SP12 positions, generates 2 SP13 positions, and cycles into SP17 SP17 – 24,099.

18 PNM in cycle commissions, creates 100 SP2, SP3, and SP4 positions, 50 SP5 positions, 40 SP6 positions, 30 SP7 positions, 20 SP8 positions, 2 SP14 and SP15 positions, and 1 SP17 position.
Commissions for referrals
Three levels of recruiting pay referral commissions upline (think unilevel three levels but paid up).

That’s the recruiting affiliate, the person who brought them in (first upline), and the person who brought them in (second upline).

When certain positions in each tier of the matrix are filled, Phenomenal Club pays a commission to the person who sent them there.

I didn’t list them one by one; instead, I put them all together by cycler tier.

SP1: No referral fees will be paid
SP2 – 1 PNM paid upline
SP3 – no referral commissions paid
SP4 – 2 PNM paid upline
SP5 – 14 PNM paid upline
SP6 – 7.5 PNM paid upline
SP7 – 10.25 PNM paid upline SP8 – 15.37 PNM paid upline
SP9 – 25.56 PNM paid upline
SP10 – 3.81 PNM paid upline SP11 – 38.09 PNM paid upline SP12 – 51.9 PNM paid upline
SP13 – no referral commissions paid
SP14 – 657.80 PNM paid upline SP15 – 745.25 PNM paid upline SP16 – 932.96 PNM paid upline SP17 – 2305.61 PNM paid upline
From what I understand, each of the three upline affiliates gets these amounts (as opposed to the amount being split).

Joining the Fantastic Club
Affiliate membership in the Phenomenal Club seems to be free.

To fully take part in the attached MLM opportunity, you must buy at least one PNM cycler position.

The End of the Phenomenal Club
Ponzi points and a simple matrix Ponzi cycler are both used in Phenomenal Club.

Outside of the Phenomenal Club, PNM has no value. This trick uses some of the most stupid math I’ve ever seen, even for MLM crypto.

The rate of investment is said to be tied to the internal value of PNM. Affiliates invest in bitcoin and get PNM, which raises the value of PNM on its own.

When it first came out, PNM cost $1, which was cheap for admins and early adopters.

The value of PNM inside Phenomenal Club never goes down. They say that this can work because when an affiliate leaves, the company destroys the PNM tokens by turning them back into bitcoin.

Putting aside the fact that Phenomenal Club can make an infinite number of tokens, increasing the value of a token will use up all the bitcoin that was invested.

Whether or not you destroy the tokens that are used to withdraw does not affect the amount of bitcoin that is lost every time someone wants to withdraw.

Their Ponzi scheme is called “staking pools” by Phenomenal Club. Aside from that, it’s a simple seventeen-tier cycler.

Affiliates buy positions in the matrix for 1 PNM each. Then, they move through the cycler as long as new affiliates and existing affiliates after they buy new positions.

Just looking at the huge number of phantom positions made by one position cycling through all seven tiers is enough to show that this is just as unsustainable as the PNM internal value math.

Like any cycler, Phenomenal Club’s cycler will move most of the paid-in bitcoin to early positions, which are only held by its anonymous admins and early recruiters.

When hiring slows down, everyone else’s jobs are stuck in the system. The money that was tied to these positions has already been taken out, and the system is about to fall apart.

Based on what’s written on Phenomenal Club’s website, it looks like this has already happened or is in the process of happening.

You can be sure that “the whole new website and product” from Phenomenal Club will be more of the same.

But at the end of the day, math is the best. Most people who take part in Ponzi schemes always end up losing money.

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