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The SEC has brought back its civil fraud case against former Investview CEO Joseph Cammarata.

Cammarata is accused of stealing “at least $40 million” through recovery scams. The case was put on hold in February until the outcome of two separate criminal cases.

Cammarata (right) was found guilty on all but one of the twelve charges on October 26. His trial began on October 20.

On February 21, 2023, Cammarata will be given a sentence.

Back to the SEC’s case, Cammarata, who is currently representing himself, filed a motion asking for permission to

let the Bureau of Prisons update (his) laptop and let him print from his laptop or an external discovery drive.

Cammarata’s handwritten nine-page motion talks about ongoing problems with getting to discovery.

I’m asking this court to let me have the same access to my discovery as every other inmate.

I can keep my discovery drive in my cell so I can look at it on the discovery computer (as long as it works), and I don’t have to deal with the ridiculous restrictions that come with using my laptop for discovery.

I need access to my files, tax documents, discovery, the internet, and tools to properly defend myself and appeal what was a complicated case for this court and jury.

I don’t think this court has ever dealt with a case that was more complicated, technical, and legal, with more than 5 million pages of discovery and questions about how to get to the wrongfully detained defendant.

The court said no to Cammarata’s request on December 2 because the case was still on hold.

This is why, on December 7, Capparata filed a motion to end the stay. The motion was partially granted, but briefing on December 12th was the only thing that was limited.

On December 12, Cammarata filed a motion asking for the stay to be lifted so that she could get the summary judgment she wanted.

Cammarata’s claim is one of the two ways the SEC wants to get help.

The first claim for relief is wrongly understood and makes claims that aren’t true.

The SEC has been told to answer Cammarata’s request by January 13, 2023.

Then, Cammarata has until February 3 to reply. After that, a decision will be made.

A preliminary injunction hearing has been set for February 28th, which is further down the road.

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