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Longrich is marketing its pyramid scheme in Ghana in an unusual way.

Longrich plans to hold a “Marketing Queen” beauty pageant, which will be advertised in the area by PWG-GH.

Longrich says that it thinks more than 200 women will enter its pageant. According to a “sponsored” piece on GhanaWeb from December 20;

The goal of the pageant is to make people aware of the ways that young people can make money through network marketing.

Each week, the contestants will have to do tasks related to network marketing, and the winners will be rewarded. The top 10 contestants will compete in the final TV reality show.

The winner gets a Honda sedan, and the other finalists get different packages to help them start their businesses.

Longrich is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that is said to do business in China as Jiansu Longliqi Bioscience.

In January 2021, BehindMLM looked at Longrich and called the MLM opportunity a “classic product-based pyramid scheme.”

Under this plan, people sign up as recruits and buy products. When they bring in other people who do the same thing, they get paid commissions.

Nothing is marketed or sold to retail customers as part of the MLM opportunity.

Ironically, PWG-GH says that their pageant “requires contestants to show how smart they are in different fields.”

I’m going to take a chance and say that MLM due diligence isn’t one of those fields.

When it comes to MLM scams, it seems like Ghana can’t catch a break. After years of immigration fraud, kidnapping people as hostages, and trafficking people, the QNet pyramid scheme was just recently told to leave Ghana.

Even though a recruitment campaign that looks like a beauty pageant is better than what QNet did, it’s still sad that scammers are going after Ghana’s young people.

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