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The Crypto Crown Ponzi scheme is a fraud.

A June email said that Crypto Crown had been relaunched as Crown Global Ltd.

The most important difference between Crypto Crown and Crown Global is that new investors now have to put in $27,500.

This is more than Crypto Crown’s $500, which shows just how bad things are.

I don’t know when Crypto Crown shut down, but it used to be on the website “crypto crowd. VIP.” When you go to that domain today, you get a blank page.

“,” which was privately registered on June 14, 2022, is where Crown Global Ltd does business.

If you go to Crown Global Ltd’s website, you’ll see that it’s just a page where affiliates can sign up or log in:

According to an email sent to investors on June 23rd by “Crypto Crown Inc.”;

A few changes have been made to the platform:

Everyone who is a member of Royalty Trading will be moved to a new platform. Crown Global Ltd. is what it will be called. After the move, the new domain and email will be used by everyone.
CCI will still be available, but only people who were in the original Launchpad/EnjinStarer program will be able to use it.
All Royalty Trading members will have to pay $75 per year to be a member.
For their account to be safe, all new members must buy at least 50 units ($27,500 USDT/USDC).
Both Crypto Crown and Crown Global Ltd promise a return on investment of 18.5% in the first six months. After this, it goes up by 22.5% over the next six months.

Attached is an MLM compensation plan that pays for getting affiliate investors to join.

Crown Global Ltd is run by a group of Canadian companies that are used as fronts. It’s not clear if the people behind the Ponzi scheme live in Canada or not.

In September, 26,000 people went to Crown Global Ltd’s website. In October, 17,000 people went there, and in November, 36,000 people did.

Most of the traffic comes from the United States (29%), then France (17%), Spain (14%), and Indonesia (14%).

Crown Global Ltd is not registered in any country to sell securities. This means that at the very least, Crown Global Ltd and the people who got it started are committing securities fraud.

BehindMLM says that MLM companies that break the law about securities are Ponzi schemes.

No one knows how many people were hurt by Crypto Crown or how much they lost. If Crown Global Ltd. goes bankrupt again, we’ll let you know.

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