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The plan to give gifts through the Prosperity Grid has failed.

The scam’s admins have joined forces with Gift of Legacy scammer Jacques Marais and are now going by the name Infinity Grid.

The Prosperity Grid was a gifting program that started in South Africa around March 2021.

Marina Taute, a South African, was in charge of The Prosperity Grid, among other things (right).

Back in May 2022, BehindMLM said that the Prosperity Grid was about to fall apart. This was shown by the fact that the cost to join The Prosperity Grid dropped from $500 to $126.

Taute said in a webinar that The Prosperity Grid couldn’t find new members because it cost too much to join.

In June 2022, South African regulators finally paid attention to The Prosperity Grid. Unfortunately, South Africa’s top financial regulator, the FSCA, was the one to notice.

Gifting schemes are pyramid schemes, and the FSCA does not have the power to stop them. The FSCA said that when they were done with their investigation, they had “referred the matter to other relevant regulators and authorities in South Africa.”

We also have the Infinity Grid.

The domain name for Infinity Grid’s website, “infinity,” was registered privately on May 23, 2022. This is about when The Prosperity Grid began to fall apart.

In a webinar for Infinity Grid on November 17, Dusan Torbica, who used to promote the OneCoin Ponzi scheme, calls Jacques Marais “the beekeeper.”

Torbica says that Marais is “the architect” of Infinity Grid in the next sentence.

Marais (on the right) was one of the “core 5” people who started the Gift of Legacy scheme. Kindred Hearts led to Gift of Legacy, which was another way for Marais to give gifts.

In July 2022, when Gift of Legacy was also falling apart, Marais said he had been “robbed” of the scam.

As you all know, the “Core Leaders” took GL, which was my idea and something I was very proud of, and gave it to the community before it was ready.

Because of this, it hasn’t worked or lived up to the initial promises, and I still feel responsible for that even though it was out of my hands. And so I am responsible to each and every one of you.

So, here we are, with Marais leading yet another gifting scheme made up of pieces from other gifting schemes that failed.

In a nutshell, The Prosperity Grid’s gifting plan is carried on by Infinity Grid. The only big changes are that the scam has a new name and a “bee” theme to market it.

“Keepers” (like “bee keepers”) are the people who take part in Infinity Grid.
In Infinity Grid, the matrices are called “honeycombs,” and switching from one matrix to a higher-tier payment matrix is called “cross-pollination.”
The Prosperity Grid had two levels, but Infinity Grid has four.

Each tier is made up of the same 2-by-3 matrix.

The four levels of Infinity Grid cost $100, $400, $1500, and $3000.

Each position brings in $100 and sends out $40,000.

I think that to move from Tier 1 (grid 1) to Tier 2, there needs to be personal recruitment (grid 2). Filling a tier 1 matrix without doing anything doesn’t move you to tier 2.

As people leave the system, new positions are made, which further drains the system.

All MLM gifting scams depend on constant recruitment, and Infinity Grid would fall apart without it.

Marais says that Infinity Grid is “here for the next 100 years,” even though all of the other gifting schemes he has been a part of or run have failed.

BehindMLM doesn’t know why South African authorities don’t shut down popular MLM gifting schemes. We do know that South Africa has a bad track record when it comes to MLM regulation in general.

Until regulators finish their investigations, we don’t know how many people Jacques Marais hurt with Gift of Legacy or how much they lost. The same numbers can be said about The Prosperity Grid.

What we do know is that The Prosperity Grid’s top scammers and victims were already in Infinity Grid before it was released. Marais calls the promoters who are already in place “whitelisters.”

If someone told you about Infinity Grid and you’re reading this, the idea is that you buy in and pay off people who have already been hurt. Then, if you don’t trick a lot of other people, you become a new victim.

Over time, the number of people who fall for MLM gifting schemes goes up in a very big way. Even if you don’t know what a matrix is or how cycling works, math is still math. $100 in and $40,000 out means that for every $100 gifting payment in, there are 400 new suckers.

In an MLM gifting scheme, what you put in is what you get back. Most of that goes to administrators and top promoters.

A welcome message in the back office of Infinity Grid says that the scam will start on January 20, 2023.

If the South African government shuts down Infinity Grid and Marais, which is unlikely, we’ll let you know. If that doesn’t happen, we’ll be here to record the inevitable fall of Infinity Grid.

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