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Mark Scott, a money launderer for OneCoin, says Konstantin Ignatov lied “far more” than he admitted.

So, Scott wants to put off the process for his motion for a new trial.

Scott’s motion to have the case heard again is based on Konstantin Ignatov’s lie that he threw away a laptop.

Now, Scott says through his lawyer that he’s

Konstantin lied a lot more than he has admitted, and he told a lie when he said that Irina Dilkinska, Ruja Ignatova, and Mark Scott all met on July 20, 2016, at the OneCoin offices in Sofia, Bulgaria. This is information that can be trusted.

The DOJ used this meeting as proof that “Scott was an insider who took part in criminal schemes” involving OneCoin.

So far, the DOJ hasn’t shown any signs that it knows Ignatov lied even more.

Late in 2019, Scott (on the right) was found guilty of laundering money for OneCoin. Scott was supposed to be sentenced in February 2020, but he has been putting things off because of health problems.

Now, he’s focusing on Kostantin’s lie, apparently hoping to use it as a bargaining chip to delay the case even more.

In his letter motion, Scott asks for more time until October 15 to respond to the DOJ’s answer to his motion for a new trial.

The DOJ hasn’t fought against the request.

It remains to be seen if Scott’s claim that Konstantin lied to himself, even more, is true. The same goes for any effect of Scott getting a new trial.

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