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Everyone knows that Crowd1 is almost dead.

Almost two years ago, ROI withdrawals fell off a cliff. Crowd1 kept going because of recruitment, but now Russians and Ukrainians are scamming each other.

Crowd1 is dead everywhere but in eastern Europe.

Because Crowd1 failed, executives and top promoters have left the ship. A week ago, BehindMLM reported that Ambassador 3 ranked promoter George van Wijk had left the company.

As part of his plan to get out of Crowd1, Wijk called it “unfair and unsafe.” Wijk also talked about the “next steps,” but he didn’t say much about them.

BehindMLM has learned that Wijk and other Crowd1 scammers are getting ready to launch Star Horizon.

Star Horizon held a “pre-launch presentation” on December 23, about 24 to 48 hours after Wijk’s Crowd1 exit scam announcement.

Alan Platt, who lives in the UK and used to work as a promoter for Crowd1, opened the presentation.

Platt then brought out Gregory Stevens, who is the CEO of Star Horizon.

Stevens is from South Africa, and the failed Ponzi schemes Emerge Gaming and Miggster linked him to Crowd1.

Rob Hersov is known as the “main investor” of Star Horizon and as the “Executive Chairman.”

Through the Emerge Gaming Ponzi scheme, Hersov is also connected to Crowd1. In February 2021, Hersov was named a non-Executive Director of Emerge Gaming.

After Crowd1 was done, in January 2022, Hersov cashed out and quit.

The trick behind Star Horizon is gaming, which is not a big surprise.

Dominic Obojkovits is in charge of Starvara as its “Chief Architect and Developer.”

Starvara is said to be an MMO, but it’s not worth getting into because it has nothing to do with Star Horizon’s MLM business.

If you know how games work, think of World of Warcraft, Lost Ark, Final Fantasy XIV, etc., but without the core game mechanics and with cryptocurrency replacing them.

Don’t worry if you don’t know any of these names. Like I said, and like Crowd1 said, games are just a way to get people to buy Star Horizon.

Here’s George van Wijk drooling over the idea of ripping off more people with a new Ponzi scheme;

[24:51] I’m not a gamer, but when I saw this and put on the virtual reality glasses, I could see so many possibilities.

Not just in the game world, but in a world where anything goes. We can see each other wherever we can meet. Where everyone can be whoever they want.

And be the character, and I’m sure we have the boardroom and its amazing loft. What you’ve seen is the big table, where we can all sit down and talk.

You are there in England, I am here in the Netherlands, and Nic is there in South Africa. And there, all of us are sitting down to eat (van Wijk stops himself from saying “meal”)… There’s no Zoom, though. We can see each other and talk to each other.

What van Wijk is talking about is VRChat, which came out in 2014 as “an online virtual world platform.”

What I do want to show is that Starvara is the same stupidity as Crowd1’s flop Metaverse.

Metaversy was Crowd1’s move from traditional games to Web3 games. Note that “Web3” is what crypto bros say for “scam.”

Gregory Stevens and Emerge Gaming were in on Crowd1’s transition ruse. Since the first gambling ruse in 2019, Crowd1’s Ponzi business model has been to come up with new ruses to trick investors.

Crowd1 held a PR event on September 24 for a new office in Singapore. As stated again in a BusinessForHome article;

Henric Swahn, who is in charge of the Metaversy game and is also known as “The World Builder,” showed the crowd how the most exciting virtual trading game will shape this new world.

In particular, Henric talked about some exciting changes to the way the game works. This made Metaversy one of the most anticipated web3 games in the world. Greg Stevens, Nick French, and Dominic Obojkovit from GameOut brought in the new age of online gaming by showing how Miggster Plus has changed, telling the audience what to expect in the next few months, and introducing their newest Starlined avatar.

A month later, on or around October 27, 2022, the domain name for Starvara’s website was bought.

Aside from changing its name to Star Horizon, Starvara is a continuation of the trick Stevens and Emerge Gaming began with Crowd1.

In Starvara, VARA tokens are the Trojan horse. This brings us to the MLM chance with Star Horizon.

Nicolaas van den Bergh gave the MLM pitch for Star Horizon.

Van den Bergh is from South Africa, and, you guessed it, Emerge Gaming is how he is connected to Crowd1.

On his LinkedIn page, Van den Bergh says that he will leave Emerge Gaming in May 2022. In the same month, he joined DFY Studios as its Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

DFY is a company that makes AAA and Web 3.0 games in Cape Town. We make and sell games for more than 152 countries that can be played on more than one platform.

I think you can figure this out…

Like Crowd1 and Emerge Gaming, Star Horizon is sold as a Ponzi scheme that turns out to be a ruse.

The Starvara Universe can only be sold through an MMO (massively multiplayer online) network with an open world.

We don’t know all of the details, but we do know that Star Horizon is another “staking” MLM crypto Ponzi scheme.

Sign up as an affiliate, invest in VARA tokens, park the tokens with Star Horizon, get paid a return in VARA tokens, and cash out funds that were later invested.

So, that’s how the business works. And everything else is just smoke and mirrors.

As an MLM opportunity, Star Horizon pays affiliates to bring in VARA token investors.

Again, there aren’t many specifics, but Star Horizon’s advertising talks about a “two-legged plan.” This would be a typical way for binary options to pay out:

Star Horizon gets more money when VARA tokens are bought or when Starvara assets are turned into VARA tokens. On that amount, commissions are paid.

It is not clear why Crowd1 didn’t realize this. The most likely reason is that nobody cares about “wEb3 GaMiNg.”

“Gaming” is already doing a lot just by being a part of the term “web3 gaming.” “Play to earn” mechanics are always a part of Web3 games, which makes them more like work than games.

Do simple tasks to earn an “in-house token,” and then try to cash out before everything goes wrong.

Most Crowd1 investors lost money, and most Star Horizon affiliate investors will do the same.

Before Star Horizon’s official launch (date to be announced), BehindMLM will probably do a full review of its compensation plan.

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