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On its website, Zax says nothing about who owns or runs the company.

The domain name for Zax’s website, “,” was registered privately on August 7, 2021.

Zax’s social media accounts seem to have been shut down already, which is interesting;

The link to Zax’s Facebook page gives the same error.

If an MLM company isn’t clear about who owns or runs it, you should always think twice before joining or giving them any money.

Products by Zax
Zax has no goods or services that can be sold.

Affiliates can only sell Zax tokens themselves.

How Zax will get paid
Affiliates of Zax put money into ZAX tokens. Affiliates of Zax leave their tokens with the company once they have invested in it.

This is done because of a promise of a 0.5% return per day, up to a maximum of 200%.

Note that investment positions also end when the daily returns and commissions earned add up to 500%.

No matter if a ZAX investment position reaches 200% or 500%, it must be re-invested to keep earning (re-investing resets the 200%/500% cap).

The MLM part of Zax makes money when affiliate investors are brought in.

Commissions for referrals
Zax has a one-level compensation structure, which means that referral commissions are paid out on tokens invested.

With a unilevel compensation structure, an affiliate is at the top of a unilevel team, and every other affiliate they recruit is right under them (level 1):

If an affiliate on level 1 brings in new affiliates, those new affiliates join the original affiliate’s unilevel team on level 2.

If any level 2 affiliates bring in new affiliates, they move to level 3, and so on until there are no more levels to go down.

Zax has a limit of seven unilevel team levels for referral commissions.

Referral commissions are based on how much money is invested at each of these seven levels:

10% for level 1 (affiliates you recruited), 3% for level 2, 1% for levels 3–6, and 3% for level 7.
Note that you have to recruit to unlock each unilevel team. If you recruit one affiliate, you get paid on one level. If you recruit two affiliates, you get paid on two levels.

Match ROI
Affiliates of Zax can get a 10% ROI match down two unilevel team levels if they bring in two new affiliates.

It’s free to become a Zax Zax affiliate.

To take advantage of the attached income opportunity, you will need to buy ZAX tokens.

When the ROI is 200% or 500% when returns and commissions are added together, it’s time to reinvest.

Zax Conclusion
Zax is a simple Ponzi scheme that uses smart contracts.

The ZAX token is a TRC20 token on the TRON Blockchain. On the Ethereum blockchain, this is the same as an ERC-20 token.

TRC20 tokens are easy to set up and don’t cost much or anything.

Affiliates of Zax trade TRON for ZAX tokens, send them to the smart contract and get a return every day.

Returns are paid in ZAX tokens, which can be made on demand by anyone who owns Zax.

If Zax is run by a central smart contract, MLM commissions are paid out in TRON.

The good news is that dUh BlOcKcHaIn lets us know how ZAX is doing.

As I write this, Zax has 0.000048 TRX left on his contract. This means that ZAX hasn’t been advertised yet, or that the Ponzi scheme has already failed.

If you invested in Zax or plan to do so, I’m sorry for your loss.

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