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After OmegaPro went bankrupt earlier this month, the Ponzi scheme has now also finished its exit scam.

OmegaPro told investors in an “urgent client communication” sent out a few hours ago that it had sold its list of investors to Broker Group.

Based on OmegaPro’s exit-scam message;

After the recent cyberattack and after putting in place a lot of cyber security measures with the help of Hacker House, we are happy to say that the transfer of clients and their databases to a new trading environment that is safer is ready to start.

We’ve made a deal with Broker Group Limited, a full-service financial company that can give all of OMP Marketing’s current client’s full access to the world’s financial markets.

We have moved all OmegaPro accounts to Broker Group Ltd. You can use the same Username and Password that you used for OmegaPro to get into their platform.

The domain “” has been set up for Broker Group. It was registered again in 2019 after being dormant for a few years.

The domain was for sale until November 2022. On or around November 16th, the current owner(s) bought it.

This is the same month that OmegaPro stopped letting people cash out.

Broker Group is a website that was quickly put together using Elementor on WordPress. Some parts of the Broker Group website still don’t work.

Supporting Broker Group PDF documents show that the website was only put together on or around December 20, 2022:

I couldn’t figure out who “Baver G” is in terms of OmegaPro and Broker Group.

Broker Group is run by Broker Group Limited, a Panama-based “shell” company.

Broker Group is a MetaTrader trading platform, which is different from OmegaPro’s “invest and gets a passive return” business model. Investors in OmegaPro certainly didn’t sign up for this.

After the Ponzi scheme shut down withdrawals in early November, OmegaPro’s “Broker Group” started over.

Soon after, the XPL token launch was OmegaPro’s first attempt at an exit scam. That didn’t work, so OmegaPro made up a story about being hacked.

On November 27, BehindMLM predicted that OmegaPro would fall apart.

Andreas Szakacs (Sweden), Mike Sims (US), and Dilawar Singh (India) ran OmegaPro from Dubai (Germany).

I don’t think any of them have talked about OmegaPro’s failure in public.

I think the co-founders of OmegaPro knew the company would fail as early as the second quarter of 2022. In May 2022, Eric Worre was hired as the Official Strategic Coach because of this.

As an OmegaPro executive, Worre was a big part of marketing for the company and went to marketing events.

OmegaPro didn’t get enough investors because Worre’s name and the “Go Pro” brand weren’t well-known enough.

Worre is based in the US city of Las Vegas. When it became clear that OmegaPro was going bankrupt, Worre tried to get away from his job as an OmegaPro executive.

No one knows how much Worre was paid as an OmegaPro executive. The disgraced MLM coach has also not said anything about OmegaPro’s failure.

It’s no accident that OmegaPro is based in Dubai. The emirate is the world’s MLM crime capital and home to many MLM Ponzi schemes and the people who run them.

In other words, don’t expect Dubai’s government to do anything.

To stay away from the DOJ and SEC, OmegaPro made it so that US investors couldn’t get to their website. This fake compliance, however, was easy to get around by using a VPN.

SimilarWeb has found that out of the 2.9 million visits to OmegaPro’s website, 39% came from Colombia, 16% came from Argentina, and 9% came from France.

So far, Peru, Congo Republic (many arrests), Spain (two fraud warnings), Mauritius, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Nicaragua, France (twice added to the fraud blacklist), and Belgium have all warned OmegaPro about securities fraud.

It is unlikely that the governments of these countries will do anything else to stop OmegaPro, but it can’t be said for sure that they won’t. If that doesn’t happen, we don’t know how many people OmegaPro hurt and how much they lost.

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