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Text ALN’s website doesn’t have information about who owns the company or who runs it.

During our review of Matrix Empire, BehindMLM found out about Text ALN. Because we looked into it for that review, we know for sure that Dustin Mansell owns and runs Text ALN.

Mansell (on the right) lives in the United States and is a big promoter of MLM opportunities.

In the past few months, Mansell has promoted, in addition to Matrix Empire:

Against All Odds – Dun Putnam NFT scheme
Hapi Travel is a travel-based MLM opportunity that is probably a scam.
IX Global: Arrests in India for MLM fraud and money laundering
Quick Silver is a spinoff of ISN Coins.
Pyramid scheme: Infinity Matrix
B-Eco – Dan Putnam fuel tab cash grab
Intelligence Prime Capital – Boris CEO collapsed MLM crypto Ponzi
If an MLM company isn’t clear about who owns or runs it, you should always think twice before joining or giving them any money.

Text: The Products of ALN
Text ALN doesn’t have any products or services that can be sold.

Affiliates can only sell membership in Text ALN as an affiliate.

Text ALN affiliates have access to an SMS marketing platform as part of their membership.

Text About ALN’s Pay Plan
Text: ALN gets paid for both direct and indirect recruiting.

Recruitment Commissions
ALN gives $50 to each affiliate it brings on board.

Residual Commissions Text ALN pays residual commissions via a 3×10 matrix.

In a 310 matrix, an affiliate is at the top, and there are three spots right under them:

The first level of the matrix is made up of these three spots. The second level of the matrix is made by dividing each of the first three positions into three more.

The third through tenth levels of the matrix are made the same way, with each new level having three times as many positions as the last.

Text ALN affiliates are hired to fill positions in the matrix in both direct and indirect ways.

As positions are filled, the following are how commissions are paid:

level 1 (3 positions to fill) – $19 per job at level 2 that is filled (9 positions to fill) – $5 for each level 3 job filled (27 positions to fill) – $3 per position filled level 4 (81 positions to fill) – $2 per position filled level 5 (243 positions to fill) – $2 per position filled level 6 (729 positions to fill) – $2 per position filled level 7 (2187 positions to fill) – $2 per position filled level 8 (6561 positions to fill) – $2 per position filled level 9 (19,683 positions to fill) – $3 per position filled level 10 (59,049 positions to fill) – $4 per position filled
Keep in mind that monthly affiliate fees come with residual commissions. This means that residual commissions are paid every month as long as the affiliates who were recruited keep paying fees every month.

Text to Join ALN
Text ALN affiliate membership costs $109 up front and $59 a month after that.

Text ALN Bottom Line
Text ALN is sold on the idea that it can “turn your cell phone into an ATM.”

The problem with MLM companies that sell marketing tools is that the tools end up being used mostly to promote the business opportunity.

Here is Dustin Mansell on a recent Text ALN webinar;

You can send out your keyword by sharing this on Facebook, Tiktok, YouTube, email marketing, etc.

So, when people text in your keyword, they’ll get a follow-up message automatically.

If you use Text ALN, that autoresponder will say, “Hey, thanks for texting in to get more information. We have a video you need to see right away. It has to be done quickly.”

Text ALN is time-sensitive because the faster you get in, the higher up on the matrix you go.

When marketing tools are used to spread the word about a way to make money, it turns into a closed-loop commission cycle. This is made worse by the fact that Text ALN has no products or services that can be sold.

Since everyone is an affiliate, all of the commissions that Text ALN pays out are tied to recruiting.

Text ALN is a pyramid scheme because of this. It also makes their “product” nothing more than a way for them to market the pyramid scheme.

Text ALN is a pyramid scheme, so I’m not going to judge if the SMS marketing suite is worth the money on its own.

Text: It doesn’t come as a surprise that ALN is a pyramid scheme. Matrix Empire, which is Mansell’s other current MLM opportunity, is almost the same as a pyramid scheme.

Matrix Empire’s prices are a little different, and it comes with a different marketing tool, but it’s the same recruitment-driven model in every other way.

A pyramid scheme is against the law. Math shows that most people will lose money when a pyramid scheme collapses, which it always does.

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