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Jaira David, who was charged with being part of the Krstic Ponzi empire, has been given three years in prison.

When let out David will have to live under close watch for two years. He has also been told to pay $380,000 to make things right.

David was charged with fraud back in March 2020. He used the names Jenny Liu, Kate Muller, and Alice Newton when he did it.

David is facing criminal charges because he was part of Kristijan Krstic’s Ponzi scheme.

Krstic was first charged with one count of plotting to commit wire fraud and one count of plotting to launder money.

David admitted to wire fraud in November 2021. As part of his plea deal, charges of money laundering were dropped against him.

David has been told to pay back $380,000, but only $2,000 and $183,000 are joint and several with Haojia Miao and Atonije Stojiljkovic.

In December 2021, Haojia Miao pleaded guilty to wire fraud. In November 2021, Stojiljkovic admitted that he was part of a group that planned to commit wire fraud. Both defendants haven’t been given their sentences yet.

The court decided that David couldn’t pay more than restitution. This made it impossible for him to get interest on his money back or pay a civil fine.

US authorities have charged Kristijan Krstic twice for running a Ponzi scheme. Krstic was caught in Serbia in July 2020 at the request of the FBI.

As part of the extradition process, Krstic was eventually let go until the Serbian government made a final decision.

When Krstic and his wife were released under strange circumstances, they quickly went into hiding. The wanted people are still out there.

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