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After its first Ponzi scheme, WEWEX, fell apart in the middle of 2021, WeWe Global launched LyoFI and LyoPay at the end of that year.

LYO was a token that was tied to LyoFI and LyoPay. It was used to run a new Ponzi scheme with a 300% ROI.

Here’s where the LYO token is going as of January 2023:

WeWe Global has started an L-Finance Ponzi scheme as the LYO Ponzi scheme gets closer and closer to zero.

WeWe Global set up L-Finance on the “” domain.

“” was registered for the first time in 2020. The last change to the private registration was made on September 5, 2022.

“” was for sale in early 2022, according to the Wayback Machine.

So it looks like WeWe Global bought the domain in September 2022 or around that time.

When you go to the L-Finance website, you can see that LFI is a BEP-20 token. These are easy to set up and cost little or nothing.

L-Finance comes with the usual bunch of cryptobro stuff that no one cares about:

Investors are here because they have heard that they can make up to 2857.14% per year.

L-Finance and LFI are the same scams as “staking,” but WeWe Global now calls it “vesting.”

Affiliates sign up, invest in LFI (or convert their worthless LYO to LFI), park the tokens with the company, and get more tokens.

The goal is to get the money that has been invested back into cash. The problem, as LYO bagholders are beginning to realize, is that this only works if there are always new people to steal from.

SimilarWeb doesn’t track much traffic to L-website Finance right now. As of December 2022, 605,000 people have gone to the WeWe Global website, which is up from 405,000 in November.

Outside of Seychelles, though, recruiting has slowed down (Italy, Bulgaria, Argentina, and Greece are all down).

In any case, it should be clear that LFI will follow the same path as LYO before pleb investors can cash out.

WeWe Global is promoting the fact that LFI will dump its shares on public exchanges as vLFI in January 2023.

Starting in January 2023, LFi will be listed on several exchanges and websites that track prices. It will be invested as vLFi and used for trades and transactions.

When vLFI inevitably falls apart, WeWe Global could start over again for the fourth time.

WeWe Global is thought to be run out of Dubai by Luiz Goes (also known as Luiz Goez).

Goez is thought to be from Brazil, and he may also be working with people in Italy.

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