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The King’s Life is an MLM company that sells cryptocurrency.

CEO Louis Casper Dunweber is in charge of the company.

BehindMLM first heard of Dunweber in our review of BitMonsters, which came out in September of last year.

BitMonsters said that it was an MLM Ponzi scheme based in Dubai.

The BitMonsters website is still up, and Dunweber is still listed as the company’s CEO:

In December 2022, there were 20,000 visits to BitMonster’s website. In November, there were only 9800 visits. This is as good as dead as an MLM Ponzi scheme.

I don’t know if The King’s Life is an unofficial reboot of BitMonsters, but, strangely, Dunweber is posing for MLM companies at the same time.

DunWeber has connections to Russia and Dubai, which is typical of Russian scammers given the situation in eastern Europe over the past year.

In December 2022, 5.7 million people went to The King’s Life’s website, which BitMonsters did not track.

Most visitors come from Russia (26%), Ukraine (10%), and Brazil (4%).

Read on for a full review of the MLM opportunity with The King’s Life.
What the King did with his life
The King’s Life has no products or services that can be sold.

Affiliates can only sell the affiliate membership to The King’s Life.

The King’s Plan to Pay for His Life
Affiliates of King’s Life use tether to buy KING tokens.

Early investors can buy KING tokens for $0.0001 to $0.006.

On KING investments, referral commissions are paid down two levels of recruitment (unilevel):

10% for level 1 (affiliates you recruited yourself)
level 2 – 5%
Taking Part in the King’s Life
It looks like becoming an affiliate of The King’s Life is free.

To get the most out of the attached income opportunity, you need to buy KING tokens.

How the King Lived Conclusion
The King’s Life doesn’t have much to it. It’s a typical shitcoin Ponzi scheme that relies only on “number go up” to sell itself.

The King Token is made so that members of The King Network can make transactions that are Safe, Secure, Decentralized, and Quick.

It also aims to grow and gain value over time, which will be good for our members.

So, early investors in The King’s Life sign up to steal tether from investors who joined after them.

KING is a BEP-20 shit token in and of itself. These are easy to set up and cost little or nothing.

So far as we can tell, there are 200 billion kings. The King’s Life seems to be giving them away like candy, which shows how worthless they are:

The King’s Life locks up invested tokens to try to stop the inevitable “Ponzi shit token dump”:

  • Private Sale Round 1 (40 billion tokens for early investors, aka the biggest scammers): Invest in KING at $0.0001, tokens are locked up for a year.
  • Private Sale Round 2 (10 billion tokens): Invest in KING at $0.0002; tokens are locked for 9 months.
  • Private Sale Round 3 (10 billion tokens): Invest in KING at $0.0004, tokens are locked for 6 months.
  • Private Sale Round 4 (10 billion tokens): Invest in KING at $0.0008; tokens are locked for 3 months.
  • Round 5 of a private sale (20 billion tokens) – If you buy KING at $0.0016, you can’t use the tokens for 30 days.
  • Private Sale Round 6 (10 billion tokens) – If you buy KING tokens at $0.002, you can’t use them for 14 days.
  • Round 7 of a private sale (7 billion tokens) – If you buy KING tokens at $0.004, you can’t use them for 14 days.
  • Private Sale Round 8 (3 billion tokens): Invest in KING at $0.006; tokens are locked for 7 days.
    Eventually, KING will be dumped on sketchy public exchanges, with a target listing price of $0.01. When the inevitable sell-off happens, you can expect that to drop a lot.

Oh, and obviously, Dunweber and the Russian and Ukrainian scammers he’s working with don’t have to follow the above deadlines and rules.

As with all MLM Ponzi schemes, new money will stop coming in once affiliate recruitment stops.

This will cause the cash-out value of KING to drop, which means that most investors will lose money.

Whether they admit it or not, most of the people who put money into The King’s Life will end up with yet another worthless Ponzi shitcoin.

BitMonsters did not have its Ponzi shitcoin. Affiliates put money into tether and bitcoin, and once those were gone, that was it.

BitMonsters seems to have grown into The King’s Life naturally. The King’s Life will drag on for a long time as KING floats around in shitcoin limbo.

It’s a much messier collapse that mostly helps Dunweber and the other con artists he works with.

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