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Ponzi scheme victims in the US have been abandoned by PGI Global.

PGI Global recently sent an email to investors telling them that US victims would be getting $1000 back.

PGI Global wants to avoid a regulatory shutdown in the US, as the email says.

As you know, PGI has decided that because of the way regulations work in the U.S., we can no longer offer or keep agreements with clients in the U.S.

The SEC is the most active government agency in the world that oversees securities. PGI Global is hedging its bets by getting rid of US investors and betting that regulators in other countries won’t do anything.

So far, the Philippines is the only country other than the US that has taken action against PGI Global.

PGI Global is offering US victims a $1,000 refund in bitcoin, which is likely a way to keep them from going to the police.

Your initial principal value of $1,000 will be returned to you in full, and it will be sent to you in BTC since you haven’t made any withdrawals.

If you want to keep using PGI’s business management platform and your country lets you use business platforms in other countries, please go to (Praetorian Global’s reboot website).

Since Ponzi schemes aren’t likely to become legal in the US any time soon, this is just a fake show of compliance.

Last year, PGI Global came out and promised investors a 200% return. In March, the Ponzi scheme fell apart.

In June, PGI Global took down its website, but in August, the company said it would start over with a new website.

Ramil Ventura Palafox runs PGI Global. He is thought to have citizenship in both the US and the Philippines. Palafox is hiding right now.

Helen Louise Graham is in charge of the restart of PGI Global.

Graham is one of the top earners in the original PGI Global Ponzi scheme. He lives in the UK.

Alexa says that most people who visit PGI Global’s reboot website come from Canada (39%), the United States (19%), and Turkey (13%).

Change on October 15, 2021 – The US government has said that PGI Global is the subject of an active criminal investigation.

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