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On its website, SuperAdventure doesn’t say who owns it or who runs it.

As I write this, SuperAventure’s website is just a login form for affiliates:

The website for SuperAdventure is set to French by default, so it seems to be aimed at people who speak French.

The domain name for SuperAventure’s website, “superventure. xyz,” was registered privately on June 30, 2022.

If an MLM company isn’t clear about who owns or runs it, you should always think twice before joining or giving them any money.

The Products of SuperAventure
Super adventure has no products or services that can be sold.

Affiliates can only sell affiliate memberships to SuperAdventure.

SuperAventure’s Compensation Plan
Affiliates of SuperAdventure buy positions in a nine-level gifting pyramid scheme.

In SuperAdventure’s gifting pyramid scheme, the sizes of the matrices are 21 and 22.

A 21 matrix is simple and only needs to be filled in two places:

A 22 matrix adds a second level by dividing each of the first two positions into two more.

Affiliates of SuperAdventure have to pay a fee to move up to each pyramid tier. Commissions are based on how many positions are filled in the matrix, which is done when other affiliates buy positions.

In SuperAventure’s nine-tier pyramid scheme, the following are the commissions:

  • Tier 1 (1×2 matrix, positions cost $25) – $50 commission
  • Tier 2 (2×2 matrix, positions cost $50) – $200 commission
  • Tier 3 (2×2 matrix, positions cost $100) – $400 commission
  • Tier 4 (2×2 matrix, positions cost $200) – $800 commission
  • Tier 5 (2×2 matrix, positions cost $400) – $1600 commission
  • Tier 6 (2×2 matrix, positions cost $800) – $3200 commission
  • Tier 7 (2×2 matrix, positions cost $1600) – $6400 commission
  • Tier 8 (2×2 matrix, positions cost $2500) – $10,000 commission
  • Tier 9 (2×2 matrix, positions cost $5000) – $20,000 commission
    Signing up for SuperAventure
    Affiliate membership in SuperAventure seems to be free.

To fully take part in the attached income opportunity, you need to buy matrix positions for $10,675.

SuperAventure Conclusion
SuperAventure is a pretty simple pyramid scheme with not much to it.

Affiliates are brought into SuperAdventure, buy positions, and get paid when other affiliates they brought in do the same.

Affiliates pay each other as directed, which is how the gifting part of the scam works:

Take note of the use of Interac, a Canadian processor. This has to do with the fact that French speakers are being targeted, which I think is likely meant for Quebec province.

The person in charge of SuperAdventure is probably also from Canada.

As with all MLM pyramid schemes, commissions will stop once there are no more affiliates to sign up.

This will eventually cause SuperAventure to fall apart, making most of its affiliates lose money.

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