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On its website, eSelfie doesn’t say who owns or runs the company.

“,” the website’s domain name, was registered in January 2021. The last change to the private registration was made on December 18, 2022.

A corporate address in Johannesburg, South Africa, is given for eSelfie, which has a South African domain.

If an MLM company isn’t clear about who owns or runs it, you should always think twice before joining or giving them any money.

The Products of eSelfie
eSelfie has no products or services that can be sold. Instead, the company gives free access to a social media platform that it says is “on steroids.”

eSelfie not only has the “latest and greatest,” but it also has a patented product with all the bells and whistles that the market wants and needs!

eSelfie Compensation Plan
The eSelfie compensation plan pays affiliates for bringing in new ones.

The amount an eSelfie affiliate has paid in fees determines how much of a commission they will get from recruitment:

  • Silver tier affiliates (R499 annually) – 5%
  • commission rate for Gold tier affiliates who bring in new clients (R999 annually) –
  • Platinum-level affiliates get a 7.5% commission on sales they bring in (R1999 annually) –
  • Executive tier affiliates get a 10% commission on new customers (R50,000 one-time) – 10% commission rate for bringing in new members for the Royal tier (R1,000,000 one-time) – 10% recruitment commission rate
    Commissions that don’t end
    Affiliates in the Executive and Royalty tiers of eSelfie get a commission on all of the company’s recruitment and advertising sales.
  • 20% of all of eSelfie’s affiliate fees go into a pool that Executive tier affiliates share.
  • 10% of eSelfie’s ad revenue goes into a pool that Royal tier affiliates can share.
    eSelfie affiliates get paid for each action on its social network that they personally recruited affiliates to do. This includes posting, sharing, liking, and sharing posts, as well as sending texts.
  • Silver-tier affiliates get R0.01 for each action they bring about.
  • Affiliates at the gold level get R0.05 per action taken.
  • Affiliates in the platinum and higher tiers get R0.10 for each action taken.
    Text Message Spam Bonus: selfies give a R10,000 bonus to the affiliate who sends the most text messages every month.

Joining selfie costs between R499 and R1999 per year for an eSelfie affiliate membership:

  • Silver—R499 per year
  • Gold—R999 per year
  • Platinum: R1999 per year
  • Executive – R50,000 one-time
  • Royal—a one-time payment of R1,000,000
    The more an eSelfie spends on membership fees for affiliates, the more money they can make.

eSelfie Conclusion
The idea of MLM social networks is not new. They always end up with a lot of affiliates taking part in the MLM opportunity, and then they slowly die out.

eSelfie is a social media platform that is, to say the least, pumped up. It has a bunch of different apps “all in one.”

A digital business card that looks like a “selfie” and gives information about the selfie’s social network is part of eSelfie’s marketing plan.

eSelfie has taken the old-fashioned printed business card and used cutting-edge technology to change the way people share contact information. This, along with the power of sharing that Facebook has shown the world, is the only way to build communities of people with similar interests and connect them so they can share information all the time.

It will now be known as the eSelfie way. Instead of saying, “Send me your contact information,” people will say, “Send me your eSelfie!”

On eSelfie’s website, you should be able to click on the “top executive corporate cards” link to see examples of digital business cards.

Bubble, according to their website,

lets you make interactive, multi-user apps for desktop and mobile web browsers and comes with all the tools you need to build a site like Facebook or Airbnb.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say that eSelfie used Bubble or planned to use it to make a copy of Facebook. And probably everything else they say will be part of their social media platform.

There’s nothing wrong with this in and of itself, but it makes eSelfie a part of the Bubble company.

If that business relationship is broken, which it doesn’t seem to be at the moment, then eSelfie’s business cards and the social network can’t be used.

This kills the MLM chance. This doesn’t matter because eSelfie is a pyramid scheme hiding behind a (possibly nonexistent) social media platform.

You sign up, pay your eSelfie affiliate fee, and get paid for recruiting people directly and indirectly. R50,000 is equal to $2959, and R1,000,000 is equal to $59,184.

This makes it pretty hard to join an MLM opportunity. eSelfie promises “huge returns” if you pay them a lot of money.

eSelfie is really in a class by itself, and our Royal Members can expect to make a lot of money every month.

This puts eSelfie in the area of securities fraud.

A part of eSelfie’s compensation plan is advertising revenue, which is different from membership fees.

eSelfie gets R1.00 per user times at least 10 Advertisers per day.

Most of the time, advertisers aren’t interested in MLM social networks because their members aren’t worth much (people are only there because of the MLM opportunity).

No details are given about how much money eSelfie makes from ads, but I guess that doesn’t matter since the social network doesn’t seem to exist.

The last thing we’ll talk about is how eSelfie is said to be selling its pyramid scheme to members of the “Mula Company.” From an eSelfie “flash news update” in August 2022:

Mula Company is in the process of adding 357 000 members to their database of eSelfie users, which is growing all the time.

I think this is a reference to the pyramid schemes run by Hanli Lombard under the name Mula.

No one knows what kind of business agreement Lombard and eSelfie have.

As with all MLM pyramid schemes, membership fees will stop coming in once there are no more people to sign up as affiliates.

This will slow down recruitment commissions, which will lead to a collapse in the end.

eSelfie is not so much a “Facebook clone on steroids that pays you to post” as it is a scam in which most people will lose money.

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