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The CFTC’s case against four JetCoin scammers for fraud has been put on hold until the criminal cases against them are finished.

With a “Motion to Intervene” filed on April 19, the DOJ asked for the stay.

A stay of proceedings is right because the government’s motion came at the right time and because both the Civil and Criminal Cases are about the same alleged fraud schemes.

A stay is also needed because the defendants shouldn’t be able to use civil discovery in the Civil Case to get around the limits on criminal discovery that would apply to them in the Criminal Case if they didn’t get a stay.

A stay is also needed to speed up the court system.

The court agreed, and on April 25th, the stay was given.

In related news, the Department of Justice has taken issue with Gregory Aggesen’s lawyer, Howard Greenberg, Esq (right).

Mr. Greenberg has a conflict of interest because he was a witness to the defendant and others obstructing justice, and it is likely that he will be a witness at the trial in this case.

Most of the time, a lawyer can’t be both an advocate and a witness in the same case.

“Last Chance Lawyer,” an Amazon series coming out in 2021, says that Greenberg is “one of New York’s most famous, strange, and feared criminal defense attorneys.”

Greenberg is called “the real Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul” in a 2016 VICE documentary.

We go looking for a real-life Saul Goodman and find Howard Greenberg, a criminal defense lawyer in Brooklyn who is known for being eccentric and quick-witted.

The DOJ says they are not fighting.

Mr. Greenberg gave the grand jury false information or did something else that could have been illegal or unethical.

Their problem is that Greenberg is accused of obstructing justice when he was working for Aggesen (right).

According to the DOJ;

In June 2021, the FBI told Aggesen that he had to appear before a grand jury.

The grand jury issued a subpoena for certain documents, including any and all records about EmpowerCoin, ECoinPlus, and Jet-Coin.

In response to the government’s request for documents, the defendant’s lawyer, Mr. Greenberg, sent the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York (“this Office”) an email from co-defendant White, dated July 27, 2021, in which White said he was responding to the grand jury subpoena on behalf of the defendant and that there were no relevant documents.

The email from July 27, 2021, talked about the earlier FTC investigation, which the defendant, White, and Golden also tried to stop, and it said things that were false and misleading.

The DOJ’s main argument is that Aggesen, through co-defendant White and while being represented by Greenberg, lied about the existence of the documents that the subpoena asked for.

White sent Mr. Greenberg an email with false and misleading information that was to be given to the grand jury that was materially false.

Because of this, the DOJ puts Aggesen’s

The obstruction scheme raises serious concerns that need the Court to step in before this case goes to trial.

Even if Mr. Greenberg isn’t called as a witness, the fact that he forwarded the email from July 27, 2021 to the government shows that he knows what happened. This makes it more likely that he will testify for the defendant without taking an oath.

So, the DOJ asked the court to do a Curcio investigation.

to tell the defendant about Mr. Greenberg’s possible conflicts of interest and his right to representation without conflicts, and to find out if he can give up those rights.

On April 22, Aggesen was given the job of Curcio Counsel. I’ve never heard of Curcio proceedings before, so I don’t know what they are or how long they last.

The next status meeting for Aggesen is set for May 11. The DOJ has asked the court to look into the question Greenberg brought up.

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