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The SEC is looking for John Barksdale so they can give him a copy of their $124 million civil lawsuit.

In addition to the civil action taken by the SEC, Barksdale (right) has been charged with crimes related to Ormeus Global.

The DOJ put out a press release on March 8 that says

JOHN ALBERT LOAR BARKSDALE was taken into custody outside of the country on charges of conspiracy, securities fraud, and wire fraud.

But an SEC filing on April 18 has made it hard to know what’s going on with Barksdale.

People thought that Barksdale (right), who had supposedly been arrested in Thailand, would stay in jail until he was sent back to the US.

Here’s the SEC on what they’ve done to reach Barksdale;

To find out where Mr. Barksdale is and find an address to serve him at, the Commission has hired local counsel to find out where he is and is ready to try to serve him.

Because putting information about Mr. Barksdale’s possible whereabouts out in the public could hurt law enforcement, the Commission politely asks that all documents related to Mr. Barksdale’s service of process be filed under seal.

The fact that the SEC used a local lawyer to find Barksdale and serve him shows that he is not in jail. If that’s the case, wouldn’t a trip to the local jail be enough?

The SEC filed a motion on April 18 to stop a status conference that was supposed to happen on April 25. As mentioned above, the filing also asks for permission to file under seal documents about Barksdale’s service.

On April 19, the court said yes to both requests.

In the SEC’s filing, there is also information about the service of Barksdale’s sister, Jonathan.

People think that Jonatina L. Barksdale lives in Thailand. She has not been charged with a crime.

On March 30, the SEC sent Jonatina copies of documents that were important to the case. The SEC asked for a real address at the time.

Ms. Barksdale replied on April 14, 2022, saying that the Commission’s email had been sent to her spam folder and that she would talk to a lawyer before responding to the Commission.

While the SEC waits to hear from Jonatina again, the agency says it also “plans to ask for help through diplomatic channels.”

The court’s order from April 19 gives the SEC until June 17 to serve the papers. If that doesn’t happen, the regulator will give an update.

Any more paperwork about John Barksdale will be done behind closed doors. Any paperwork about service on Jonatina should be open to the public.

Update, July 17, 2022: On June 17, the SEC asked for permission to send an email to Jonathan Barksdale.

On June 28, the court agreed to the SEC’s request. The SEC confirmed Jonatina’s service via email on July 1.

There are no new details about John Barksdale’s criminal case.

Update 1st September 2022 – The US government is still looking for John Barksdale, but he has turned up in Dubai.

In August 2022, the SEC sent both Barksdale defendants a Certificate of Default.

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