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16OmegaPro Trade’s website doesn’t have information about who owns the company or who runs it.

The domain name for OmegaPro Trade’s website, “omegaprotrade. ltd,” was registered privately on February 11, 2022.

OmegaPro Trade says it has been “working in the market for 5 years,” but it has only been around for at most a year.

If we look at the website’s source code, we can see that it uses a template:

VisualHYIP sells AA287, a website template for 45 dollars.

Scammers can buy different Ponzi websites and scripts from VisualHYIP.

To look legit, OmegaPro Trade gives the incorporation information for the UK company Yesss Capital LTD, which is no longer in business.

A red flag is an MLM company that is based in the UK or says it is.

In the UK, forming a company is very cheap and isn’t regulated at all. On top of that, the FCA, which is the UK’s top financial regulator, doesn’t do much to stop securities fraud related to MLMs.

Because of this, the UK is a popular place for scammers to start, run, and promote fake businesses.

Incorporation in the UK or registration with the FCA doesn’t mean anything when it comes to MLM due diligence.

If an MLM company isn’t clear about who owns or runs it, you should always think twice before joining or giving them any money.

OmegaPro Trade’s Products
OmegaPro Trade has no products or services that can be sold.

Affiliates can only sell the affiliate membership to OmegaPro Trade.

OmegaPro Trade’s Compensation Plan
Affiliates of OmegaPro Trade put USD or the equivalent in USD into cryptocurrencies.

This is done because they say they will make money:

  • Starter Plan: Invest between $30 and $500 and get 112% back in 12 hours.
  • Plan A: Put $300 to $5,000 down and get 125% back after 48 hours.
  • business plan: invest $500 to $30,000 and get 140% back in 72 hours.
  • Plan A: Put down $1,000 or more and get 150% back after 72 hours.
    OmegaPro Trade gives referral commissions on money invested down three levels (unilevel):

  • level 1 (affiliates you recruited yourself): 3%
  • level 2 – 5% level 3 – 10%
    Joining OmegaPro Trade
    There is no cost to becoming an OmegaPro Trade affiliate.

To fully take part in the attached income opportunity, you must invest at least $30.

OmegaPro Trade asks for USD and various cryptocurrencies as investments.

OmegaPro Trade Conclusion
OmegaPro Trade is a simple Ponzi scheme meant for people who lost money with OmegaPro.

OmegaPro was a Ponzi scheme run by Andreas Szakacs, Dilawar Singh, and Mike Sims in Dubai. It recently fell apart.

So far as I can tell, OmegaPro Trade is being promoted by fake accounts that claim to be OmegaPro’s founders.

As the picture above shows, victims of OmegaPro are being sent to a Telegram group. Fraud is often linked to the messaging app Telegram.

Even though both OmegaPro and OmegaPro Trade are Ponzi schemes, it doesn’t look like OmegaPro Trade has anything to do with OmegaPro.

As with all MLM Ponzi schemes, new money will stop coming in once affiliate recruitment stops.

This will stop OmegaPro Trading from getting money from ROI, which will eventually cause it to fail.

The math behind MLM Ponzi schemes makes it certain that when they fail, most investors will lose their money.

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