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Sixteen Generation Zoe victims have sued the company and three US-based promoters in civil court.

Zoe Global University is/was a front company for Generation Zoe Florida. It was run by Pablo, Matias, and Agustin Monteleone, who all live in Florida.

Plaintiffs in the civil suit, which was first filed in Florida on July 13, 2022, areAndrea Martinez (Florida)
Eduardo Silva (Florida)
Jose Luis Mantilla (Spain)
Luis Angel Mantilla (minor represented by father Jose Luis Mantilla)
Jose Angel Mantilla (minor represented by father Jose Luis Mantilla)
Victoria Teran (Spain)
Alejandro Silva (Florida) Veronica Roach (Florida)
Maria José Hrepich (Florida)
Andrea Silva (Florida) Xiomara Mantilla (Chile)
Gustavo Diaz (Florida)
Candela Munoz (Florida)
Maria Viera (Colombia)
Andres Puente Viera, whose mother Maria Viera speaks for him as a minor, and Fabian Bucarrey (Florida)
As the Plaintiffs have said;

This case is about how the plaintiffs gave the defendants hundreds of thousands of dollars because the defendants lied and said they would invest and manage the money and give the plaintiffs huge returns on their investments.

“Generation Zoe” or “Zoe University” is a business run by the defendants that is a scam.

Leonardo Cositorto, who was from Argentina, ran Generation Zoe, which was a smart-contract Ponzi scheme.

Generation Zoe’s last version came out in 2021. Early in 2022, the Ponzi scheme fell apart.

Cositorto was finally caught and sent back to Argentina from the Dominican Republic.

Since the middle of 2022, we haven’t heard much about Cositorto’s criminal case.

In the complaint, Generation Zoe and Zoe University are both used interchangeably. So far as I know, the Monteleone Defendants recruited their Generation Zoe downline through Zoe University.

Pablo Monteleone, Matias Monteleone, Agustin Monteleone, and Zoe Global University, LLC told the plaintiffs that “Zoe University” has offices all over the world, and that the defendants had opened a “Zoe University” office in Miami, Florida.

During the summer and fall of 2021, when Plaintiffs and Defendants met in person at Defendants’ “Zoe University” offices in Miami, as well as through written brochures and other documents, phone calls, texts, and emails, Defendants tricked Plaintiffs into giving them a lot of money.

Pablo Monteleone is said to have offered $200,000 “Multi Millionaire In” investment positions as part of the “risk-free” scam.

Under the Multimillionaire Pin investment, an investor would give Defendants $200,000, and in return, Defendants would pay Plaintiffs $1,100 per day for four years. After that, Defendants would return the initial $200,000 investment.

Pablo Monteleone also lied when he said that an investor who bought a Multimillionaire Pin would be able to use the Defendants’ properties in South America for vacations.

Also, Pablo Monteleone lied when he said that people who bought the Multimillionaire Pin would be able to use airlines and planes owned by the defendants to travel for free to any place they wanted.

Pablo Monteleone also lied when he said that people who invested in the Millionaire Pin would be invited to the annual conference of the defendants in Singapore.

Together, the sixteen Plaintiffs say that the Monteleone Defendants stole $847,159 from them.

Defendants never put the money that Plaintiffs gave them into stocks, crypto currencies, and businesses as they said they would.

Defendants made false promises that they would invest Plaintiffs’ money, but instead they stole and ran away with Plaintiffs’ money and used it for themselves.

Plaintiffs have filed eleven counts of fraud against the Monteleone Defendants:

conspiracy, fraudulent inducement, negligent misrepresentation, conversion, unjust enrichment, unregistered offer and sale of securities, violations of the Florida Securities and Investor Protection Act, violations of the Securities Act of 1933, rescission, and breach of contract.
The Monteleone defendants answered the plaintiff’s complaint on September 29.

Even though it looks like the Monteleone Defendants stole almost a million dollars, they say they

We don’t have money because Leonardo Cositorto ripped us off, just like the Plaintiffs.

We started a criminal case because of this in Argentina, where Leonardo Cositorto’s business is based.

The Monteleones also say that the Plaintiffs put money into Generation Zoe before they did.

It’s important to note that the plaintiffs started investing before Zoe Global University LLC existed. They had a deal with Leonardo Corsitorto before May 2021, which is when Zoe Global University LLC was formed.

The “criminal complaint form” was filed by the Monteleone defendants on September 30.

Pablo Sebastian Monteleone and his brother Matias Monteleone joined ZOE on January 10, 2020. They put up $300 and $1000 as capital.

In 2021, Pablo Sebastian Monteleone decides to move to the United States, specifically to the state of Florida, where he owned property and gave it to the people in charge of ZOE Argentina.

Cositorto… had told him that a branch could be opened in Miami.

Corisotro and (Maximiliano) Batista both suggested that a ZOE branch be opened in Miami during the meetings.

On the money side of things, it is said that the “country leaders” of Generation Zoe got 10% of the money invested in the whole country. The office that the Monteleone family ran was supposed to get 5%.

People say that Cesar Quinteros and Daniela Solarte are the country leaders for the United States in Generation Zoe.

So far as we know, US investors gave Zoe University $12.1 million. When Generation Zoe fell apart, payments stopped going out, and the rest is history.

No one knows how much the US has lost in global Zoe. So far, there have been no signs from US authorities that the Ponzi scheme or its top US promoters are being looked into.

Looking ahead, a “special set hearing” has been set for March 3rd in the Florida case.

The Florida lawsuit against Generation Zoe has been added to the BehindMLM case calendar. We’ll let you know if anything changes.

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