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Tedy Teow is going to be sent to China because he started the MBI International Ponzi scheme.

Teow, whose real name is Teow Wooi Huat (right), left Malaysia sometime after 2018. His first arrest was in 2017.

Teow was arrested in Thailand last July while an investigation into his disappearance was still going on.

Malaysian authorities have charged Teow with money laundering and financial fraud, saying that MBI International was a $165 million Ponzi scheme.

Teow used Macau to get rid of at least $83 million in dirty money. In 2021, the Chinese government filed separate criminal charges against him.

Now things start to get interesting.

Two months after Teow was arrested, the Chinese government asked to have him sent back to China. Malaysia waited five months before sending its own request for extradition on January 3rd.

Because China asked for Teow’s extradition first, and even though Teow is a Malaysian citizen, a Thai court agreed to send him back to China yesterday.

The three-judge panel told Teow, who was there through a video call from Bangkok Remand Prison, that China and Thailand have had an extradition treaty since March 7, 1999.

In his defense against criminal charges from China, Teow’s lawyer said that “a Thai political party and Chinese politicians falsely accused his client.”


As reported on January 18 by Benar News;

Teow has 30 days to appeal the order. If he doesn’t or if his appeal doesn’t work, he could be sent to China within 90 days. If his appeal is accepted, he might be let out of jail.

According to the Thai attorney general’s office, Teow could spend five years or more in prison in China if he is found guilty. China asked Thailand to send Teow there.

I don’t know how long it will take for Teow to file his inevitable appeal. We’ll be on the lookout for any news about his extradition.

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