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“Bitcoin Trend and Forecast” is what “BitcoinTAF” stands for. The company says it’s been in business since 2016.

Since 2016, Bitcoin Trend and Forecast has been one of the most trusted sources for thousands of traders. They look to us for training, technical data, and fundamental research at all skill levels.

Marius Landman, who started BitcoinTAF, is in charge of it (right).

In January 2020, Python Signals is how BehindMLM found out about Landman for the first time.

Python Signals was a way to make money by sending cryptocurrency signals. By the middle of the year 2020, Python Signals had stopped working.

Landman gave Python Signals a new start as Tonoit. Tonoit lasted until the end of 2021, when the plan was changed to Moonacade.

Both Tonoit and Moonacade’s websites are still up and running, but neither one of them works (links have been disabled).

On January 29, 2022, the last video was added to Moonacade’s official YouTube channel. On January 31, the same video was put on Tonoit’s YouTube channel.

This seems to have happened around the time that both Tonoit and Moonacade went down for good.

Landman only promotes BitcoinTAF at the moment. I think BitcoinTAF took over what was left of Tonoit and Moonacade.

As of August 2020, Landman said that New Zealand was where he lived. On his LinkedIn profile, Landman says that he lives in Queensland, Australia, at the moment.

On its website, BitcoinTAF gives Bitcoin Trend and Forecase Pty Ltd.’s business address as a PO Box in Brisbane, Queensland.

The official Facebook page for BitcoinTAF is run by people in South Africa, Australia, Mexico, and the United States.

Read on for a full review of the MLM opportunity with BitcoinTAF.

The Products of BitcoinTAF
BitcoinTAF sells a variety of services for a one-time fee or as part of a subscription.

  • Long-Term Trade Reports for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies: $120 for 30 days, up to $5,000 for life
  • The Ultimate Day Trade Training Course costs $780. Day Trade Signals from Day Trade Masters cost $99 for 30 days of access and up to $680 for 12 months.
  • Elliot Wave Chart Pattern Algorithms costs $120 for access for 30 days and up to $900 for access for a year.
  • Live training: Hodlnots Scalp Trade Course is $695; Hodlnots Trading Den Live Community with Telegram Chat Channel is $50 for 30 days of access and up to $600 for 12 months.
  • MTT Crypto Reports costs $99 for access for 30 days and up to $5,000 for access for life.
  • Salsa Signals costs $64.95 for access for 30 days and up to $545 for a year
  • Trade Partners Mirror Analysts Trades: $9000 for 6 months of access
  • Access to the Inner Circle Private Group costs $23,000 for a year.
  • $195 gets you the BitcoinTAF EmotionsDetector.
  • BarneyBot costs $99 for access for 30 days and up to $1,150 for a year.
  • How to set up a model portfolio video tutorial and document – $30 for 12 months of access
  • The Cryptocurrency Asset Management Wheel costs $30. The Fibonacci Circle Course costs $550. The BTAF Complete Asset Management Workbook costs $99.
  • DTM Essentials—Wallets and Secure Storage—costs $84.95 for access for 6 months.
  • DTM Essentials: Mastering DEFI costs $780 for access for 6 months.

The DTM Essentials Master Bundle, which includes the two DTM products listed above, costs $797 and gives you access for 6 months.
Ultimate Chart Patterns costs $49.95. The affiliate marketing apps RapidGrowth and BitcoinTAF cost $25 for 30 days of access and up to $300 for 12 months.
Ultimate Life Coaching Bundle: $2500 for seven sessions
Master Your Life Coaching Software—$50

Plan for BitcoinTAF’s Payout
The BitcoinTAF compensation plan pays affiliates and people who buy services from BitcoinTAF.

Ranks of BitcoinTAF Affiliate
The BitcoinTAF pay plan has seven different levels.

Here are their names and the qualifications they need to meet:

Affiliate: Sign up to be a BitcoinTAF affiliate Active Affiliate: Pay a monthly BitcoinTAF subscription fee
Business Builder: Pay a monthly subscription fee to Business Builders
Bronze: Keep a Business Builders subscription, get at least two Affiliates or higher, and make 2500 BV in weaker binary team side volume for a week.
Silver: Keep a Business Builder subscription, personally recruit three affiliates (one Business Builder and two Bronzes or higher), and make 5,000 GV a week for two weeks in a row.
Gold: Keep a Business Builder subscription, personally recruit five affiliates (two Business Builders and three Bronzes or higher), and make 10,000 GV a week for three weeks in a row.
Emerald: Keep a Business Builder subscription, personally recruit 12 affiliates (four Business Builders, five Bronzes, two Silvers, and one Gold or higher), and make 20,000 GV a week for four weeks in a row.
Diamond—not given; Blue Diamond—not given; Black Diamond—not given; Red Diamond—not given; Business Partner—not given
“Group Volume” is what “GV” stands for. GV is the total number of subscription sales made by an affiliate and all of their downline.

As for “consecutive weeks,” I think this is a rolling requirement, unless BitcoinTAF only needs rank qualification to be met once.

For example, Golds must keep up 10,000 GV every three weeks.

Commission Limits
Rank determines how much a BitcoinTAF affiliate can earn in total commissions:

Affiliates can make as much as $1500 per week.
Affiliates who work hard can make up to $4,000 a week
Business Builders can make up to $8,000 a week.
Bronzes can make as much as $10,000 per week.
Silvers can make as much as $12,000 per week.
Golds can make as much as $13,000 per week.
Emeralds can make as much as $15,000 per week.
There are no weekly caps for Diamond and above.

Commissions for referrals
Affiliates of BitcoinTAF get a cut of the subscription fees paid by retail customers and other affiliates they bring in.

Affiliates get 5% of what people they refer buy.
Affiliates who send customers earn a 7% referral fee
A 8% referral fee is paid to Business Builders.
Bronzes get a 9% commission for each referral
Silvers and above get a 10% commission on referrals.

Commissions that don’t end
A binary compensation structure is used by BitcoinTAF to pay residual commissions.

A binary compensation structure puts an affiliate at the top of a binary team, which is split into two sides (left and right):

There are two positions on the first level of the binary team. The second level of the binary team is made by splitting the first two positions into two more positions each (4 positions).

The next levels of the binary team are made as needed. Each new level has twice as many positions as the one before it.

Affiliates are hired for positions on the binary team in both direct and indirect ways. Note that a binary team can grow as deep as it wants.

At the end of each week, BitcoinTAF adds up the new subscription fee volume on both sides of the binary team.

Residual commissions are paid as a percentage of the new fee volume generated on the weaker binary team side.

Bronzes get 10% of residual commissions, up to $1500 per week.
Silvers can earn up to $2500 a week in residual commission, which is capped at 10%.
Golds can earn up to $4800 a week in residual commission, which is capped at 12%.
Emeralds get a 13% residual commission rate, which is capped at $7800 a week. Details about the residual commission rate for Diamond and higher Leadership Bonus are not given.

BitcoinTAF puts 3% of the total amount of subscription fees paid by the company into the Leadership Bonus.

The Leadership Bonus is given to Diamond-level and higher BitcoinTAF affiliates through bonus pools that are based on their rank.

There are no specifics given.

When you join BitcoinTAF
No one knows how much a BitcoinTAF subscription, including Business Builder, costs.

BitcoinTAF: The End
What BitcoinTAF has to offer is much less focused than what Python Signals, Tonoit, and Moonacade did.

Even though there are details about each service, it seems like a lot of them are the same (how many different kinds of crypto signals do you need?).

From the point of view of a retail customer, I think this is pretty overwhelming. Even worse, each service is offered on the same level, which means that anyone looking through BitcoinTAF’s service products is likely to feel overwhelmed.

It didn’t take me long to get lost in all the different signal services BitcoinTAF had to offer.

Other things are available besides the signals, such as the $23,000-a-year Inner Circle Private Group. Price seems too high for what it is.

We know you want more at Inner Circle Private Group. You need to be able to reach our analysts, get help, buy our products, and learn how to use them.

Our experienced team of analysts is here to help you grow your portfolio.

We will give you the right training and guidance so that you can make objective, timely decisions about whether to enter new trades or get out when prices are high.

Our goal is to keep your money safe and then grow your portfolio over a longer period of time.

The TAF token is something I heard about on social media but couldn’t find anywhere on the BitcoinTAF website.

No matter what TAF token was, it looks like it has already failed. Today, if you go to “,” you’ll be sent to “”

On the website for BTAF Token, it says that Marius Landman is the CEO.

BTAF seems to be a BSC-20 shit token in and of itself. These can be set up quickly and for very little or no money.

The “staking” Ponzi scheme that comes with BTAF Token is a given:

Neither BTAF Token nor BitcoinTAF shows proof that it has told financial regulators about its “staking” opportunity. So at the very least, BitcoinTAF is linked to securities fraud.

Back to BitcoinTAF, the different signal services are pretty much sold based on Marius Landman’s name.

From my point of view, I don’t see it. Python Signals went down, so did Tonoit and Moonacade, and SimilarWeb says that BitcoinTAF’s website doesn’t get much traffic.

If Landman is a genius at trading signals, where’s the proof?

2016 was seven years ago. By now, Landman should have a history that can be easily checked.

Now let’s talk about BitcoinTAF’s compensation plan. It’s different from the obvious pyramid schemes that Tonoit and Python Signals were, but there are still big problems with how BitcoinTAF tells people what’s going on.

First of all, BitcoinTAF’s website doesn’t show full details about how much they make and how much it costs to be an affiliate. This is a very big warning sign.

So, if BitcoinTAF does business in the US, it could be in violation of the FTC Act (disclosures).

Keeping in mind what I said earlier about how retail customers are often overwhelmed, BitcoinTAF’s legitimacy depends on making more money from sales to retail customers than from affiliates.

I don’t see it, since both Python Singals and Tonoit were pyramid schemes.

There’s a good chance that most, if not all, of the fee money BitcoinTAF makes comes from affiliates.

If that is true, then BitcoinTAF is the same pyramid scheme as Tonoit and Python Signals, but with fake compliance (at least being a retail customer is an option).

All up I think the problems with Tonoit, Python Signals, Moonacade, or whatever it was, and the disclosure issues overshadow the different signal services that BitcoinTAF offers.

Also, I’m pretty sure the whole thing is just a Trojan horse for the “staking” investment plan for BTAF Tokens.

This is illegal on its own, and even though it uses a different domain, it is clearly connected to BitcoinTAF (what do you think BTAF stands for?).

Every country has laws against securities fraud. Just based on that, it doesn’t matter how reliable BitcoinTAF’s signals are.

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