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Easy1Up’s owner, Peter Wolfing, is a serial con artist who has relaunched the site.

Today, our source is a marketing video that Michael Mansell, who has been promoting scams for a long time, put on YouTube on September 11, 2021.

Mansell says that the original Easy1Up gifting plan in 2016 was a “key part” of his success.

He says that his Easy1Up downline has received “well over six million dollars” in gifting payments up to this point.

So, what’s different about Easy1Up 2.0?

Nothing. The original Easy1Up scammed people out of USD, but the new version also takes bitcoin and tether.

Mansell says that Easy1Up 2.0 came out at the end of August.

Easy1Up 2.0 keeps the original gifting levels of $25 to $500 and adds new levels of $1000 and $2000.

Elevation – $25
Elevation Elite – $100
Vertex – $250
Vertex Elite – $500
Vertex Pro – $1000
Vertex Live – $2000

In short, you give money at the levels listed above plus an administrative fee.

To get gifting payments from all six Easy1Up gifting tiers, you have to buy-in at the $2,000 level.

Upgrades are possible over time, but they are made to cost more.

You can upgrade at any time. The price is the full price of the new product, not the difference between where you are and where you are going.

Because the business is an MLM, payments for gifts are tracked across a single-level team.

You are at the top, and everyone you bring in is on level 2. Everyone they bring in is on level 3, and so on.

Affiliates of Easy1Up “pass up” the second gifting payment they get at each level.

According to a Frequently Asked Questions page on Easy1Up’s website, this is not required for recruits who gift in at higher tiers:

All product packages listed below the one you join are included and qualified (no passup needed).

Gifting payments from within their unilevel team are “passed up” to Easy1Up affiliates with large downlines.

Affiliates of Easy1Up who gift in at higher tiers also get paid when those in their downline who aren’t eligible to get those payments (because they didn’t buy in high enough) don’t.

Participants pay each other for everything in Easy1Up. On top of each payment, Peter Wolfing gets the admin fee.

Easy1Up includes different training with each gifting tier payment so that it looks like a real business.

No matter what is attached to gifting payments, gifting schemes are all ways to steal money.

If you have any more questions, you can check with the FTC.

Peter Wolfing and Michael Mansell, who says he leads the highest-earning Easy1Up team, are at the top of the company-wide unilevel team.

Because of how much they make, they get the biggest payouts through company-wide pass-ups.

The most money goes to those who join first and bring in the most people. All MLM gifting opportunities are pyramid schemes, so this is true of all of them.

Can I get my money back?

You can’t get money back for your membership.

As with the original Easy1Up and all MLM gifting plans, when the number of people joining the plan goes down, gifting payments also go down.

Because the number of affiliates at the bottom of the Easy1Up gifting pyramid grows as more people join, math says that most of them will lose money.

Peter Wolfing and Michael Mansell both live in the United States.

Last time we checked, Wolfing had just started the Daily Digital Club at the beginning of 2020.

Daily Digital Club is a gifting scheme like Easy1Up. Beginning in mid-August, when Easy1Up was turned back on, traffic rankings dropped and then went back up.

We can tell from this that Wolfing is using Easy1Up to get people to join his other gifting scams.

At the time this article was written, Alexa says that most people who visit Easy1Up’s website come from the United States (72%) and Canada (9%).

Gifting schemes are against the law in both the US and Canada, as well as in most of the rest of the world.

Changes for 30 October 2021 – At the time this post was made, Michael Mansell had made his Easy1Up video on YouTube private.

I did put up a link to the video, but now that Mansell has blocked access to it, I have taken down the link.

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