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The Nugen Coin Ponzi scheme by Nugen Universe has failed.

Investors say that they were told not to cash out their Nugen Coins all through 2022.

Withdrawal was turned off at the end of 2022, after a number of promised deadlines had passed.

The most recent deadline that Nugen Universe didn’t meet was on January 13.

Investors in Nugen Universe were supposed to be able to trade Nugen Coin for a 133% return on investment (ROI) in ethereum by the 13th.

Since Fazil M. Jabar’s last update on January 2, there have been no changes at the company.


  1. The Nugen Token is worth $1 on the Defi Oracle network right now.
  2. At the moment, this network is offering to pay 133% more for NUGEN tokens at this price. On the new NUGEN Mainnet Blockchain, tokens can be traded for Ethereum (ETH) until January 13, 2023.
  3. Members are told to take this cash/ETH offer, and they should do so before January 13.

Nugen Universe tells affiliate investors who want answers to keep checking back for new information.

Nugen Universe went out of business after British Columbia, Canada, warned investors about Nugen Coin last August.

Before BC’s warning about fraud, Nugen Universe told affiliates to hide proof of securities fraud.

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