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About a week ago, BehindMLM told us that Oscar Garcia’s Batched Ponzi scheme had fallen apart (formerly Uulala).

After months of losing money, investors in Batched were locked out of their accounts at the beginning of January.

As part of our coverage, BehindMLM found out that the SEC was looking into Batched and Garcia and wrote about it.

Since then, the SEC has let us know that they want to talk to investors in Uulala and Batched.

After Garcia tried to stop a subpoena for financial records, the SEC knew they were looking into Batched.

The SEC asked for information about Garcia’s Mechanics Bank account because they thought Garcia had moved investor money from Uulala and Batched through the account.

In the end, the SEC won Garcia’s case, which meant that Garcia had to give the SEC the records they had asked for.

In addition to the subpoena, court documents show that the SEC is looking into Garcia and Batcheld for possible securities fraud. This is about the “validation nodes” scheme, in which investors from Uulala and Batched took part.

The SEC would like to talk to investors in Uulala and Batched as part of their ongoing investigation.

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